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ThunderPoint distributes all its titles through Booksource in the UK and Europe.


Telephone: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

From UK: 0845 370 0067

From overseas: +44 141 642 9192

Fax: 0845 370 0068

Email: orders@booksource.net

Teleorder: SCBKSO

Outside of Europe stock can be purchased through


For further information contact ThunderPoint Publishing on info@thunderpoint.co.uk; Tel: 07909588822


ThunderPoint is Not Currently Accepting Submissions

Submissions will reopen later in the year

ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd. publishes fiction and non-fiction in electronic and hardcopy format. Submissions being considered for publication are circulated to our reading group and if we like it we'll publish it.

Submissions should be made in PDF format only to submissions@thunderpoint.co.uk. All other formats will be deleted, without acknowledgement.

Each fiction submission should include:

1. Two page synopsis

2. First 40 pages

3. Short author bio

A non-fiction proposal should include:

1. Two page outline

2. Chapter list & chapter summary

3. Two sample chapters

4. Short author bio and summary of why you are qualified to write the book

(This book is well worth reading before preparing a non-fiction book proposal and ThunderPoint Publishing would prefer to receive non-fiction submissions in this format: How to Write a Book Proposal)

All submissions will be reviewed by our small team and the decision on whether to accept a submission for publication will be made subjectively by ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd. We will respond to all submissions, but will not enter into correspondence with authors we decide not to publish. We are sure that we will, on occasion, reject manuscripts that go on to be best-sellers and a rejection by ThunderPoint Publishing Ltd. is only a reflection of what we enjoy reading.

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Correspondence Address: Please contact us by email in the first instance.

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Registered Address: Summit House, 4-5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh EH6 7BD (Not for correspondence)