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Mule Train - Huw Francis

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Mule Train

Border Policeman Ishmael Khan has spent his life in the stunning mountains of the Hindu Kush tracking smugglers. But his current mission is to find out what is happening to the foreign backpackers who have been disappearing.

Raseem Hasni dreams of wealth, status and proving to his father that he is a good businessman. Raseem's business is running heroin out of Pakistan using foreign 'mules' he intimidates into working for him.

Matt Peterson is depressed and in danger of losing his job. He's read and re-read his dead fiancée's favourite travel books and decides to resign his job and travel to the mountains of Pakistan, where they had planned to spend their honeymoon trekking.

Annie MacDonald is fed up and stuck in a dead-end job in London where she recently lost out on a promotion to someone with old-school connections. What better way to kick-start her life than resigning her job, taking her grandfather's inheritance, and heading to his beloved Pakistan looking for adventure?

Four lives come together in the remote and spectacular mountains bordering Afghanistan and explode in a deadly cocktail of treachery, betrayal and violence. Written with a deep love of Pakistan and the Pakistani people, Mule Train will sweep you from Karachi in the south to the Shandur Pass in the north, through the dangerous borderland alongside Afghanistan, in an adventure that will keep you gripped throughout.